Air France Cancellation Policy

Air France Cancellation Policy

Posted By: Admin 15 Sep, 2020

Air France airline has a varied cancellation policy for different fare types of Air France reservations. There is so much more to know than just simple classification. Let’s discuss it in detail to get a clear view of the cancellation policies attached to your flight reservations. 

24-hour cancellation and refund policy:

  • Flyers would be entitled to get a full refund of their booking amount if the booking was canceled within the first 24 hours of its making. However, the booking must be made directly with Air France at least seven or more days before the scheduled departure time. 
  • Your bank account will not be debited for the same day cancellations before midnight. On the other hand, for bookings canceled within the first 24 hours, the airline will refund your amount after deducting certain non-refundable service charges. 

It is not hidden that the airline has an easy cancellation process for the tickets purchased directly from the airline. Air France offers free ticketing changes and allows you to update your details anytime. 

What is the Air France Cancellation Policy?

Air France does not entertain any refund requests for Non-refundable tickets. However, suppose there is any delay or cancellation of flights from the airline’s end due to some unforeseen weather conditions or technical issues. In that case, the airline will travel vouchers for your booking amount. You can use these vouchers for your future travel. Passengers can also decide to get a seat on the next available flight at no extra cost. 

Refundable fares are subject to different policies; you will be getting refunds for your refundable fares with or without any applied fee. 

Air France Refund Policies:

Air France tries its best to process your refund as soon as possible; however, the process can still take up to 18-30 business days after the airline receives your refund application form. You can also reach out to the Air France Reservation helpline number of the airline in case of any queries. Here are some essential things you need to need to know about the refund process of the airline.

You can request your refund before checking-in if you fulfill the following requirements:

  • If the ticket was purchased at least two days to 12 months earlier to the departure date.
  • The flyers did not receive the boarding passes. 
  • You are not flying with a Flying blue award ticket.

You can request a refund by clicking on the ‘My Bookings’ section and filling out the available refund application form. 


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